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Tourism, Žimrovice

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Everybody finds what he´s looking for. Expect services, which we offer, there are a lot of possibilities of relaxation. We able to provide driving ot the horses (neccesary timely reservation), summer swimming pool, tours to historical castle in Hradec nad Moravicí or in Radun or we able to recommend a lookout near our place, which is called The Chance, it is in Jakubčovice. If the weather is nice, you can see the highest point of Jeseníky-Praděd, then Lysá hora, the part of Poland or Ostrava. There is very nice nature, which is around us.

The hilly country, which falls to Nízky Jeseník, is interesting in every season. You can walk (there are a lot of tourist routes, trails and sidewalks), or you can ride a bike through the valley river Moravice to Podhradí, for stronger-you go to waterworks Kružnberk or Slezská Harta. Surroundings is interesting for whole year, but we mustn´t leave out the coast of river by a canoe, a raft and everything what swim and look like a ship, they are from April to September every year.

Unlocking of Moravice...

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... is around Easter, other coast are dutiny the summer and the locking is in September. Also fishermen like it, too. Local river falls below ground ČRS and it divides to trout water, non-trout water, that's why i spossible to catch almost everything what swim.

From historical interesting we have to remund Bílý and Červěný zámek in Hradec nad Moravicí, Bezručova vyhlídka, the churh idń Hradec nad Moravicí, a defense, a mill, Milostovice, Opava and a lot of other interestinf places for visiting.

Local hilly country allows a lot of fitness sport. So come to us and you can see more

Campanula paddlers - the next events, boating club Cascades, o.s

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Areal Dobre Pohody

  • Accomodation We offer an accomodation in a pension or in a hostel. There are five rooms in our pension (one of them isi non-barier entry), their capacity is 14 places.
  • Pension** a room 1-3 double bed
    a room 4-5 quadruple bed Every room has own social equipment, radio, television and internet.

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